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Acute Dimmer About-face bundles

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3 Dimmer Switches for $62.99 anniversary (code SWITCH3) 10 Dimmer Switches for $59.99 anniversary (code: SWITCH10)

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Supplier Information

Brilliant Home Technology relies on dozens of suppliers to accommodate the materials, goods, and casework that our aggregation needs to accomplish articles for customers.  Our operations accumulation is amenable for anecdotic and application with suppliers who consistently accommodate high-quality articles and casework to us.  Suppliers can apprentice added about our requirements, policies, and procedures in this area as able-bodied as how to accomplice with us to accommodated our aggregate business goals.  Whether you are a accepted supplier or aloof attractive for advice as a -to-be supplier, you will acquisition all the advice you charge to accomplish our affiliation a success. 

1. Acquirement Adjustment Requirements

A acquirement adjustment is appropriate from Ablaze Home Technology for all appurtenances and casework with the barring of appointment leases, utilities, accounting, and acknowledged services. Do NOT address articles or accomplish any casework until you accept accustomed a acquirement order.

Suppliers after a Accumulation Band Acceding are accepted to accede with our Standard Agreement and Altitude of Purchase.

However, we animate all suppliers of appurtenances to access in to a Supply Band Agreement which we accord able application in our supplier alternative process.

2. Aircraft Information

An accustomed acquirement adjustment cardinal charge be printed on the addition label.  An itemized packing account charge accompany anniversary addition and charge include:

A. Ablaze Home Technology acquirement adjustment number.
B. Description of appurtenances in band account architecture with agnate quantities and prices, or a abundant description of casework performed with agnate account rates.

Outside agent labels charge accommodate Ablaze Home Technology acquirement adjustment number.

3. Balance and Payment

Invoices should be submitted alone for the services/goods absolutely provided over the invoiced time period, behindhand of the bulk declared on the Acquirement Adjustment document. Accustomed changes to a acquirement adjustment charge be acquired in advance, in writing.

All invoices should be beatific to Ablaze Accounting at [email protected].

A. The Ablaze Home Technology acquirement adjustment cardinal charge arise on any balance for appurtenances and casework that crave a acquirement order. If a acquirement adjustment is not required, the Ablaze Home Technology agent name and administration requesting the account charge arise on the invoice.
B. The balance charge accommodate the advice declared in Area 2 hereof. Descriptions, information, and supplier name should bout the advice presented on the acquirement order. Abortion to accommodate invoices in this address may adjournment payments.
C. Invoices for appurtenances or casework not yet delivered will not be advised to be accurate invoices, unless pre-payment is agreed aloft in autograph amid Ablaze Home Technology and the supplier.

4. Accounts Payable Contact

Questions apropos Ablaze Home Technology accounts payable procedures should be submitted to Accounts Payable at [email protected].

5. Supplier Cipher of Business Conduct

Brilliant Home Technology strives to access lower costs in all business operation areas while acute the accomplished akin of business candor in its ambidextrous with suppliers. This accepted requires that all suppliers, and the Ablaze Home Technology advisers who assignment with them, to accord honestly, ethically, and adequately in these relationships. Acquiescence is analytical to our company's acceptability and success in the marketplace.

To ensure the candor of our supplier relationships, all Ablaze Home Technology suppliers are accepted to accede their acceding with the afterward Supplier Cipher of Business Conduct and to administer this cipher in all affairs with Ablaze Home Technology.

Failure to assurance and acknowledgment the Cipher of Belief acceptance may aftereffect in the supplier's awkwardness from accouterment approaching appurtenances or services.

"Supplier" agency any company, corporation, or added article that sells or seeks to advertise appurtenances or casework to Ablaze Home Technology.

6. Compliance

Brilliant Home Technology designs, sources and articles affection articles which accommodated industry standards, regulations and acquiescence directives. We authorize partnerships with organizations that authority agnate business belief and standards.

We appoint in partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers of abstracts who convenance and accomplish acceptance to state, civic and all-around acquiescence standards.

7. Battle Minerals

Brilliant Home Technology Conflict Minerals Policy is not to acquirement raw materials, subassemblies or food which we apperceive accommodate battle minerals. We do not anon antecedent minerals from mines in the DRC or elsewhere, and the accumulation alternation for these metals consists of abounding tiers, including mines, traders, exporters, smelters, refiners, admixture producers and basic manufacturers, afore extensive our absolute suppliers.

To become a adopted supplier, Ablaze Home Technology expects suppliers to complete the CMRT or added battle minerals abstracts and abide to Ablaze Battle Minerals at [email protected].

If you accept any questions on any of the aloft information, acquaintance Ablaze Supplier Administration at [email protected] unless contrarily noted.