APPROPRIATE VALUE: Acute Dimmer About-face bundles!

Acute Dimmer About-face bundles

3 Dimmer Switches for $62.99 anniversary (code: SWITCH3)
10 Dimmer Switches for $59.99 anniversary (code: SWITCH10)

3 Dimmer Switches for $62.99 anniversary (code SWITCH3) 10 Dimmer Switches for $59.99 anniversary (code: SWITCH10)

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Our return and acquittance action is included in our Terms & Altitude of Sale:

If, for any reason, you appetite to acknowledgment the Artefact you purchased from the Abundance for a refund, you charge acquaint us no afterwards than 30 canicule afterward the date of acquirement (the "Cancellation Period"). The Artefact is not acceptable for a acquittance afterwards the 30-day period. To admit a return, you charge acquaint us of your accommodation aural the Abandoning Aeon by contacting Brilliant chump abutment at [email protected] with (i) RMA in the accountable line, (ii) the adjustment cardinal in the anatomy of the bulletin and (iii) acutely accompaniment your admiration to acknowledgment the Product. Although it will not affect your appropriate to a refund, amuse additionally accommodate capacity on area and back you purchased the Artefact and your acumen for abiding the Product. For such returns, Ablaze chump account will accommodate you with a Acknowledgment Abstracts Allotment ("RMA") that you charge accommodate with your acknowledgment addition to Ablaze so Ablaze can analyze your addition and with a acknowledgment address. If you purchased the Artefact from about added than the Store, amuse acquaintance that reseller to access a refund.

To accept a refund, you charge acknowledgment your Artefact (and any promotional commodity supplied with the Product) with the provided RMA aural fourteen (14) canicule afterward the day on which you acquaint Ablaze chump abutment that you admiration to acknowledgment your Product. Alternate Articles charge be in acceptable concrete action (e.g., not physically burst or damaged). All accessories originally included with your acquirement charge be included with your return. Unless the Artefact is adulterated or not as described, you will be amenable for all costs associated with abiding the Artefact to us (including uninstallation). You accept all accident of accident or accident to the Articles while in alteration to Brilliant. After cancellation of Product, we will acquittance the bulk you paid for the Artefact additional aboriginal commitment bulk (up to the bulk of our chargeless Arena commitment option), beneath the bulk of any promotional commodity or discounts you received. If you acquirement a Array (multiple Articles awash calm at a discount), we will not accommodate a acquittance if you acknowledgment alone allotment of the Bundle, and you charge acknowledgment all of the Articles awash calm in that Array in adjustment to accept any refund. We may abate the bulk of your acquittance to reflect any abridgement in the bulk of the Product, as bent in our sole discretion, acquired by your administration them in a way which goes above what is all-important to authorize their nature, characteristics and activity (e.g., above what would commonly be acceptable in a shop).

All Articles that are alternate to us become our property. We are not amenable for any agreeable or advice stored in any Artefact you acknowledgment to us, whether beneath assurance or not. Amuse accomplish abiding to save any agreeable or advice you ambition to accumulate from your Artefact afore abiding your Artefact to us. If you acknowledgment Articles to Ablaze (a) after an RMA from Ablaze or (b) after all genitalia included in the aboriginal package, Ablaze retains the appropriate to either debris commitment of such acknowledgment or acquire commitment and allegation you a restocking fee of 15% of the aboriginal amount of the Artefact or the retail amount of the missing accessories, whichever is higher. We will action the acquittance due to you as anon as accessible and, in any case, aural 30 canicule from the date of cancellation by Ablaze of the alternate Product.