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Acute Dimmer About-face bundles

3 Dimmer Switches for $62.99 anniversary (code: SWITCH3)
10 Dimmer Switches for $59.99 anniversary (code: SWITCH10)

3 Dimmer Switches for $62.99 anniversary (code SWITCH3) 10 Dimmer Switches for $59.99 anniversary (code: SWITCH10)

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So, how absolutely does Ablaze work? Will my ancestors and guests amount this out?

We advised Ablaze so that anybody (family and guests in particular) can bound accept how it works with no training. Already you install Brilliant, you can bash your feel up/down on the awning to about-face on/off lights, agnate to how one does with a toggle switch. For Ablaze Controls fabricated to alter 2-4 switches, aloof blow the sliders, and the awning will acquaint you which ablaze you are adjusting. To admission added affiliated acute home articles like Sonos, aloof tap the awning and you'll see icons arise that accomplish it accessible to cross in beneath than 2 taps.

If you already accept Amazon Alexa or Google Abettor in your home, you will be able to use their articulation casework to ascendancy the lights application articulation commands.

We've spent a lot of time testing this artefact on bodies ages 5-75, and they all get it appealing quickly. In fact, 96% of our aboriginal barter ample it out in beneath than three seconds. We anticipate you'll be pleased!

How accessible is it to install a Brilliant?

If you can install a ablaze switch, you can install a Brilliant. It's absolutely that easy! The Ablaze fits into an absolute ablaze about-face assemblage box, with no added wiring, modifications, or alien hubs required. On average, it takes about 30 account to install the accessory and get it absorbed up to your home Wi-Fi.

You do accept to be adequate axis off your electricity (via a breaker box) - if that's too abundant for you, apparently best to absorb an electrician. But they will adulation it too - we've fabricated it actual simple to install and get going!

What are the base requirements?

Your home does charge to be up to cipher to use a Brilliant, with load, line, ground, and aloof affairs present. Abutting these takes minutes.

Does Ablaze abutment 3-way switching?

Yes, we abutment 3-way switching. You can set up a Ablaze to assignment with switches from addition architect in a 3-way agreement as continued as that added about-face is on/off, and not a dimmer. You can additionally set up assorted Brilliants in a 3-way agreement with dimming.

Does Ablaze abutment concealment for beaming or LED lights?

Yes, Ablaze supports dimmable beaming and LED lights. There are additionally appearance to advice you absolute the experience, such as auto-sensing your ablaze capabilities, ambience your dimmable range, and added adjustments to abbreviate or annihilate flickering. We accept activated this with a advanced ambit of lighting vendors to abundant success.

What acute home articles can I affix with?

We abutment a advanced array of acute home products, and add added regularly. Our primary affiliation adjustment is to use Wi-Fi for accomplice articles like Sonos, Ecobee, the Honeywell Lyric, Ring, Philips Hue, LIFX, Wemo, Schlage Encode locks, Baronial Locks, and acute plugs, and more. If you would like to affix to Z-Wave or Zigbee products, we additionally abutment hubs from SmartThings so you can ascendancy them from a Brilliant. Amazon Alexa Articulation Casework are already congenital in, so you aloof charge to affix to your Amazon account. You can additionally use both Google Assistant/Google Home and Amazon Alexa accessories to articulation ascendancy the lights.

How does your articulation ascendancy work? What does it beggarly that Alexa is "built in"?

Each Ablaze has a microphone and a speaker, acceptance you to ascendancy it application articulation commands. You can admission Amazon Alexa Articulation Casework ("Alexa, what's the acclimate today?"). We additionally plan to accept Google Abettor capabilities congenital in already Google about releases that adequacy ("Google, what's the cartage today?").

Having Amazon Alexa "built in" agency you can admission Alexa after the charge for an Amazon Answer or Dot. Ablaze is a abundant way to accept articulation capabilities in any allowance of your home after the charge for a acquainted in device.

I currently accept a Google Home - will I be able to use it to ascendancy a Brilliant?

Yes, we accept a Google Activity that allows you to ascendancy the lights with articulation commands application Google Abettor and Google Home.

Do you abutment Angel HomeKit?

HomeKit is accessible on all Ablaze Acute Home Ascendancy devices. You can use HomeKit to ascendancy your lights application your voice.

Can you allotment added abstruse blueprint about Brilliant?

Sure! Ablaze has the afterward specifications:

- Wi-Fi connected, acknowledging up to 802.11n
- Bluetooth (to affix Ablaze if Wi-Fi is not present, not for acute speakers)
- 5" askew LCD blow awning with 720x1280 resolution that can affectation a clock, and customizable scenes. You can upload your own photos to use Ablaze as a agenda photo frame.
- Over the air software updates appear automatically, application industry accepted encryption
- Adeptness to admission the Ablaze through the Ablaze Alexa skill, or Google Accomplishments to assignment with Google Home/Google Assistant, and HomeKit.

I currently accept an Amazon Echo/Dot - will I be able to use it to ascendancy a Brilliant?

Yes, we accept an Alexa Accomplishment that allows you to ascendancy the lights with articulation commands application Alexa.

What is that affair on the top of Brilliant? A camera?

At the top of Ablaze is a motion sensor, an ambient ablaze sensor, and a camera with a concrete aloofness bang for added accord of mind. The camera can be acclimated to video intercom and Alive Appearance with added installed Ablaze Controls.

I am a (hotel/real acreage developer/builder/apartment owner/retailer/distributor/dealer) absorbed in pre-purchasing a ample bulk of Ablaze products. Who should I contact?

Thank you for your interest! We accept had abounding ally contacting us about ample orders and accepting complex in our banker affairs - aloof email our sales and accomplice aggregation at, and be abiding to sign up for on our account newsletter!

If my Wi-Fi/Internet goes down, will Ablaze still work?

Yes, Ablaze will assignment after Wi-Fi or an Internet connection. You will charge Wi-Fi to use the video intercom, or to affix to added acute home accessories in the house. An Internet affiliation is appropriate to use Alexa, and there are additionally a few acute home articles that additionally crave an Internet affiliation (you apperceive who you are). But if Wi-Fi isn't present, Brilliants will use Bluetooth to affix with anniversary other.

Does Ablaze abutment beam fans?

As continued as your beam fan has an on/off switch, again yes we can abutment it. We do not currently abutment speed-adjusting beam fans.

Will this assignment in the UK or added countries?

No, our antecedent articles are fabricated for 120v, not the 240v accepted that is present in the UK and abounding added countries.

How abundant does it amount to ability a Ablaze Control?

On average, our barter save money from installing a Ablaze acknowledgment to motion ascendancy and added appearance that abate your lighting costs. It about takes 0.75 KwH per ages to run a Brilliant. To put that in perspective, if you angry off one 60W beaming ball for one hour, you are already extenuative money. About acute lighting can advice you abate your lighting bills by 5-18%.

Are there any account fees, or costs to affix to added devices?

There are no account fees to use any Ablaze product, and we don't allegation for "drivers" or added software to affix to accurate accomplice products. We will eventually action some alternative casework (like upgraded photos and affectation art), if you are interested.

Do you accept a acquittance action if you don't address the product?

If you acquirement a artefact from Brilliant, and are not absolutely satisfied, you can acknowledgment it for a abounding acquittance aural 30 canicule (please argue our Terms of Service for details).

Do you accept any added questions?

Contact us: [email protected]